Dev Blog 4 - New Year, New Time

Hello everyone,

Long-time no see, needless to say it’s been a while but I’ve working very hard with “A Different War” redoing the old crafting system, adding ways to craft more than one item at a time, a queuing system and also saving and loading the progress of what is being crafted and what is in the queue. I also made the code more efficient and easier to modify. What I am going to be working on next is player hunger and food for the game. This will give the player a challenge and survival aspect in “A Different War”.

Right now, I am currently studying at AIE in Melbourne Australia, doing Design and Production. It will be harder for me to come out with new blogs and work on the game due to trying as hard as a can at my studies. However, I will continue to support this game and try and make a playable version. As previous, feedback would be great and extremely helpful please contact us at Thank you.

New crafting system

Crafting panel

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