Dev Blog 3 - Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! It's been a while since the last development blog, needless to say, high school has finished and "A different War" has seen some significant improvement. With the introduction of a new main menu giving the option for players to load saves of the game from the main menu and in-game. Furthermore, each save is categorised by the time it was created. Other features that I have been working on is the crafting system allowing "stack crafting" (Allows multiple items to be crafted), more inventory improvements allowing users to unload slots, and fixes to the building system polishing it off making the unit return to the stockpile if there are no buildings required to be built.

The weather in "A different War" has also been updated with the allowance of rain to randomly generate for a period of time helping change up the atmosphere. Big thanks to Dark Fantasy and Humble Bundle with the Big Music bundle giving life to "A Different War" with a beautiful soundtrack. Some other features needing to come is the completion of the crafting system, implementation of eating and sleeping, other environments, more buildings, and challenges within the game. As normal any feedback would be grateful and helpful please contact us at Thank you.

Main Menu and load game panel

Wind effect

Rain effect

Wind effect

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