Dev Blog 2 - Saving and visuals

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the second development blog. Today I will like to talk to you about some of the work that I have been working on. Firstly saving and loading data has taken a long time but we are finally getting there with all the basics being saved and now player inventories with a new inventory system allowing for the expansion of slots. Weapons have also been saved where if the weapon was picked up they will go into that player's hand. Furthermore, player jobs have also been saved along with buildings and their progress.

Other features that I have add were a visual effect giving the trees, grass, and plant movement to give the illusion of wind. This helps gives life to the scene and makes it more enjoyable if a player were waiting. With the new inventory system, I was able to make the job manager-script more robust and help with my future development. What I need to complete is saving data and allowed multiple saves. However, due to I am in year 12 I will be halting work on A Different War to focus on my studies. Hope this is understandable. Any feedback would be grateful and helpful please contact us at Thanks.

Wind effect

Wind effect

Loading saved data

Saving and loading data


In-Game Screenshot In-Game Screenshot

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