Dev Blog 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone,

This is my first development blog for “A Different War”. Recently I have been working on fixing the scenes brightness. Furthermore, I have been working on visuals with nature being removed when a building is placed to prevent clipping. I am still working on colour correction, but that will come in time.

Coding wise I have been focused on the scene saving and loading, due to the game being an RTS it has been difficult to save every variable, but I will keep working to fix this issue. At this point in time, the game saves terrain for example each tree position, harvest progress and the scale of each tree, as well as the storage inventory data, player data and position. Other elements that I have completed recently is the UI (User Interface) change to help make the game more enjoyable for the player. Any feedback would be grateful and helpful please contact us at Thanks.

Nature removal

Before building is placed

Before Building Placed

After building is placed

After Building Placed


In-Game Screenshot Job Panel UI Day Time Night Time

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