A Different War is a game that's set in 1936 but still highly medieval. Set in alternative world where your group of survivors were shot down on an island where they must try to survive against all odds. This island though is not alone, many different groups live on the island - small tribes to huge corporations. Take to diplomacy and become friends, but remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trade your way up to a superpower. Or brutalize the world and bring hell to those that oppose you. Build your colony up, farm the land, become the leader your people depend on. Take control. Become the ruler of this new world.


Jobs in A Different War is very important, it adds depth and more layers to the game. Some of the jobs in A Different War are: Lumber, Builder, Miner, Doctor, Cook, Weaver, Hunter, Researcher and Farmer. Jobs give you the ability to be able to build a base, gather supplies or heal your people.


Crafting in A Different War give you the ability to create new buildings, weapons, armour and much more. More recipes can be unlocked though the research tab and can give you more advantages.


Combat in A Different War is simple, once the unit is drafted (In Combat Mode) it can be able to shot the nearest enemy in a cetrain range. Each gun has it's own stats and durability.

Get big is an arcade-like game where you have to collect the green blobs and avoid the triangles. Each time you eat a green blob you will get larger. Once you've eaten more than 10 of the green blobs you will proceed to the next level.

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